Stump Speech: A Political Speech

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A stump speech is a political speech used during campaigns, primarily known for deciminating the party’s political platform. Stump speeches are generally concise and short speeches focusing on the candidate’s agenda and core values, without extraneous information. Furthermore, the winning candidate’s speech, for a political election committee, will generally be accepted as that party’s stump speech for the campaign. Within these stump speeches, the core political thought will not change, however local information will be added to add variety and personal touch. Using this local information, the potential candidate can appear to be closer to the needs of the common man. Stump speeches are generally structured strategically with local information at the beginning of the speech, and the candidate’s political message is during the later portion of the speech.This allows the candidate to draw in the audience before delivering the prepared message. Because the stump speech is not made to change, it becomes very repetitive, so the media, as a result, will not…show more content…
After judging the atmosphere, the campaigner will then choose which topics are most likely to gain the votes he or she needs for his or her political party to win the election. During the 2016 election cycle, the three biggest campaign topics are immigration, foreign policy, and the economy. After analyzing Jeb Bush’s stump speech (at Miami Dade College), one can find he covers these three topics, as well as other minor issues, such as education and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). Other candidates in the 2016 election covered the three big topics, adding their own minor positions, which included: income equality (Bernie Sanders), war on women (Hillary Clinton), hedge fund managers not paying enough taxes (Donald Trump), and religious freedom (Mike

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