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Donald Trump was born in Queens, New York during 1946. He has four siblings. Trump went to military school as a child. When Trump went to college he majored in Finance. He became a business man and shortly a millionaire. In 2015 Donald Trump announced that he was running for presidency. He is a business man that believes he can help the United States’ debt. Since announcing his run, he has lost many connections to his supporters due to his comments. Donald Trump would not be idealistic for president due to his history, demeanor, and lack of politics. Donald Trump is a strong believer in his opinions. Immigration being one thing he expresses great interest in. Trump would like to deport illegal immigrants. He believes that the illegals are the…show more content…
During his derogatory moments he was seen as having no chance at winning the election, but during recent months he has pulled back up into the running. In the beginning of his run he only had 1% chance of winning, but he has made that statistic grow up to 19%. Donald Trump has statistically became runner up for having the most promising leadership of all the candidates. Donald Trump speaks his mind. He does not sugar-coat his feelings. He feels strong about his beliefs and will argue with anyone that he is right. He is closed-minded and would not have it any other way. People trust Trump so much because of he is closed mind, because he won't change his mind the next day, but will support his decisions to the end. He hates to admit when he is wrong. Trump has voiced his opinion on many different subjects. This is a good thing because nobody wants a president that will not stand up for the United States. The United States needs someone of Trumps power in office. He can get a lot done because he already has connections to the media. Although he can be very fit for presidency, his fall will be with what he…show more content…
He has been banned from several companies and networks due to his comments. He lost his television show "The Last Apprentice" and NBC has made the decision to discontinue Miss Universe in which he supported and helped run. He has also been banned from many debate discussions because they are afraid of who he will insult. Trump has insulted other celebrities, as many do, but his extent is much too far. "Rosie O'Donnell is disgusting. Take a look at her: she's a slob, she's crude, she's tough, she's arrogant, she's pushy, she's disgusting, In certain ways, she's a degenerate.'' He also called her a "big fat pig," a "pig face" and a "mental midget." (Rubinoff

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