Apollo Vs Hermes Research Paper

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Apollo and Hermes are both one of a kind, yet they share the same father. It is safe to say that they both share similarities and differences. We will be discussing and comparing these two gods, as they appear in the Hymn to Apollo and the Hymn to Hermes. We will be looking at how they compare specifically in terms of metis and power. The thought process that the two gods have. As well as the other abilities they possess. Finally, who is more “god-like”. Through each of these areas it will show that Apollo is more powerful than Hermes, but Hermes has metis that Apollo doesn’t have. This will lead to the main point that Apollo is more of a god than Hermes. Hermes demonstrates a strong sense of metis and creativity. He has to ability of forethought; to see how his…show more content…
Hermes can think of a plan and invent tools to help him gain his goals. For instance, Hermes planned to take the cattle and knows ways that only Apollo could follow the trail back to him as a son of Zeus (HHH, 73-78). Further more Hermes convinces Apollo to take him to his father Zeus, after Apollo threatens to send him to Tartarus (HHH, 256). Hermes invented the lyre early in the hymn and carried it with him throughout the hymn to play it and give to Apollo at the right moment to calm his anger, after Apollo found out he killed some of his cattle (HHH,47-51 & HHH, 496). Hermes seemed to have known what his actions would unfold. This will lead to Hermes gaining the final product of his plan. Along with Hermes ability to use metis and creativity, he has the ability to lie very cleverly. He does this with Apollo and Zeus, telling them both that he did not steal the cows (HHH, 368-369). Apollo is on the opposite end, has an afterthought ability. He figures out what really has happened after the situation has transpired. He is shown only what Zeus allows him to see, as he prophases’ the will of Zeus (HHAp, 132). As a patron of music and a follower of the Muses, he has some sense of

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