Daylight Savings Essay

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There are actually a lot of people that wonder how long ago daylight savings occurred. “Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”-Benjamin Franklin once stated. A lot of people refer to day light savings as the “annoying recurrence”, but in fact it’s something that has been around since 1919. Benjamin Franklin is credited with being known as the creator of day light savings. There are some people that love daylight savings, while others really want it gone. Day light savings- or also know as DST is a time during the year between spring and fall when the clocks in the United States are set one hour ahead of standard time. (2014. Merriam-Webster.) The reason actually for day light savings time is to make better…show more content…
“The U.S department of Transportation stated that electricity usage in the U.S is cut by one percent daily thanks to daylight savings time” (Goessl). Since the world is going green and becoming eco friendly, it makes a huge impact on our environment and life’s greatly. Another great thing that comes along with daylight savings is the boost of daylight. Having more daylight makes it an easier route for people in the community that are in the work force and have to go to work in the early mornings. With that being said it makes a huge benefit towards the fact that children now have the opportunity to still ride the bus or walk to school. Parent’s shouldn’t have to worry about their children having to stand out in the dark, waiting for their bus or even having to worry about their children walking in the dark alone. Another approach at looking at all the pros about this is health. They have conformed that with the extended day, it allows people that work during the day to be able to come home and jog, and even do some sports. Some people will argue that even though it’s dark out they can still go to a gym where it’s lighted, which is true to a sense. But going to a gym comes with a very pricey cost as well, but doing things like jogging while its light is

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