Do Police Officers Sometimes Cross The Line When In Action?

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When talking about police officers and the justice system and what police may or not be able to do, there are many pros and cons to this debate when they take the action they think may be best, but are they correct? Do police officers sometimes cross the line when in action? Do officers enforce the law equally to every situation? In my opinion, police officers are just as much human as we are. They make mistakes as well. For example, Officers are given different situations daily. There is times they will not treat each person or situation equally; no. But should they? No. There are many situations to where officers should fully enforce the laws we have, some people could harm you, and others may have committed a brutal crime; needing the full enforce of whatever law they may break. It is a police officer’s duty to serve and protect the laws we have as a country to make this society a better place. Moving on, police discretion is very important in this field of work. Like said above, officers are given different situation daily; they are trained to know how to enforce that situation, and trusted to do so correctly, and for what is best for the community. In my paper I am going to explain this topic in detail. To begin, there are a large number of pros and cons; or strengths and weaknesses when it comes to equally enforcing the law. For example, when a police officer pulls a truck over to the side of the road because the driver has a tail light out,…show more content…
They are trusted completely with weapons, badges and a lot of power to perform what they are trained to do. In more than most cases; officers perform their duty, and slim to none in my opinion; officers may take things to an extreme, they are human and they do have the right to be mad or disgusted by ones behavior. Police officers carry a lot on their shoulders, they protect

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