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The stuff in telenovelas doesn’t happen in real life... or does it? Taking a look at my great aunt's story I begin to wonder if these shows are really all fiction. It all started with a 14-year-old girl deciding to go to a convent in the hopes of changing the world. Flash forward a few years later and this same girl is starting college and soon meets her future husband. Although he may have seemed stuck up at first, he eventually won her over after many years apart. Throughout the struggles of teaching, depression, Spanish, and love, this is the tale of how my great aunt met her true love. It all began with a dream; the dream to change the world. This was the motivating factor in my great aunt's decision to join the convent. At the young…show more content…
At the end of the semester, she wrote a letter to the reverend mother explaining that she felt she could no longer be of use to the convent because she was sick all the time and she believed she would just be a burden. So she received an exclaustration which meant that she could leave, but she had to live by the vows she had taken. When she received this, she had to write back to the reverend mother explaining that she wasn't going to come back. In addition to notifying the Reverend Mother, she also had to write to the pope and ask for permission to break her vows. And after all this, she had to leave the place she had known as home. My great aunt had to basically start over. She graduated college and knew she had to get a job. She found two teaching jobs posted, one in Chicago and one in Dighton, Kansas. She decided to take the one in Dighton and the only question they asked her in the interview was how was her discipline. She explained that she had never had discipline problems before because when kids saw her in her habit, which is the clothing nuns wear, they would obey her. They gave her the job and little did she know someone familiar was about to reappear in her

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