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My initial feelings about the opening chapters were uneasy, because the book appeared to be more of a story than a non fiction research project. The book is quite interesting but it reinforces stereotypes about african americans and how they are supposedly bad. The author’s eyewitness experience lacks sufficient evidence to back up her claims. Her story cannot be fact checked and she may have exaggerated certain parts of the story. The story may aswell been made up from events she watched from outside her window and never actually had contact with any of the subjects. I wish there was a way to be able to contact her subjects from her research and prove that these events actually occurred and it wasn’t just a story. The benefits from this point of view is that the reader is able to see the overall actions of this certain population. But, the disadvantage of this book is the fact that the author is not in the shoes of the people she is documenting. Her life, morals, and situation is very…show more content…
The police are the greatest enemy to the people of the neighborhood. The neighborhood works around the law and don’t ever seek help from any official. There has been cases with corrupt officials however this neighborhood may just be an extreme case and shouldn’t be proof that all police officials are corrupt. Intensive policing such as raid makes the police appear corrupt. If the people were not in legal entanglements they would be able to take their cases to court and potentially win the case. But, the way this neighborhood has chosen to live has limited the possibility of a better life through mistakes and a circle of crimes that don’t end. The police appear to only be interested in arresting as many people as they possibly can and creates a fear into the neighborhood. They leave no choice but for the people to live in the shadows and never be able to live a normal happy

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