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Nick Bunker delivers an eye-opening analysis of the British point of view of the American Revolution along with proving how unwise they were to fight it. At the core of this book lies the famous Boston Tea Party and shows how the British faltered in an inevitable crisis that exposed all of the flaws in their imperial system. Bunker provides an extremely powerful account of the long road that leads to war. He exposed a fatal blend of politics, personalities, and economics that eventually lead to the fall of a great empire and a new path of America’s future. The purpose of Bunker’s book was to expose how horribly the British Empire had ran the American Colonies up to the point of the Revolution. He showed that England never had a specific plan for governing the American colonies. The colonies themselves were located on a continent they could never understand and could never hope to regulate. The colonies existence was…show more content…
The colonies provided an enormous market for English goods and were a private supplier of tobacco, rice, timber, fur, rum, sugar and other essential exports. He made sure to make the point that those who administrated the colonies for England sent few, if any reports at all back to the empire. He also noted that even the reports that were sent were lacking significant details about the coming trouble. Bunker was trying to show how the British’s failed policies lead to the Revolution and a tremendous loss to the British Empire. He accomplished this with firm arguments, researched knowledge, and by shining a light on a larger view of the American Revolution. In the book concerning how Britain came to fight America, Bunker makes it a point to remind his reader that Thomas Gage, who was the commander in chief of the British Army in America, was responsible for territory from Nova Scotia to the Bahamas, in addition to the western bases of Quebec to Alabama. This was

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