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A BOOK REVIEW OF BLINK Understanding Business Administration Professor Myeong Hyeon Cho Ehsan Goudarzi 2014120423 2015-06-12 The book that has been selected for review is titled Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking. The book was written by Malcolm Gladwell and was first published in the year 2005. The book explores the various connection between the cutting-edge psychological and the neurological research, as well as, human intuition. The author, Gladwell uses the book Blink to demonstrate inner self and subconscious a person has effects on his or her decisions. Therefore, the paper will review the book based on critics and implications. Criticisms According to chapter one, the author illustrate The Theory of Thin Slices. Malcolm Gladwell describes How A Little Bit of Knowledge Goes a Long Way by introducing the concept of the "thin slice," The concept described by…show more content…
In overall, the literature demonstrate the need for the unconscious cognition. However, the author does tell stories rather than to analyze the phenomenon of unconscious cognition. By using several chapters, the author illustrate the various ways that the accurate decisions can be made rapidly. According to the anecdotes, as well as, the case studies that he presents from the introduction through the first several chapters, the initial, intuitive response of the reader to an object or event is that one that transpires in a few milliseconds of his/her exposure to it. It is often the one that proves correct. Through the term thin slicing, “Gladwell shows that human mind can examine a situation while skimming all of the information that are essential to make the correct decision. The most accurate "thin slices" according to the author are those that involve the assessment of one’s emotional and mental states of others (Gladwell and Sound view Executive Book Summaries,

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