Summary Of Appiah's The Art Of A Continent

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The excerpt from Appiah’s Africa, The Art of a Continent shows us that everyday objects overtime can be seen as works of art. The gold weights of Akan had no alternative purpose but to weigh out sums of gold dust. Overtime as gold was phased out by coin and paper currency the folklore behind their creation became more apparent. They were attributed with proverbs and the process of its creation was considered rare for the area. Appiah suggests that in this day and age anything can be art, and it would be difficult to discount one’s opinion on the matter. The kitchen I think is a piece of art. Whether it’s an individual’s custom dream kitchen or a cookie cutter floor plan from an apartment complex, one can appreciate how beautiful and diverse each can be. Each is unique in its creation, but for the most part they are geometric and very symmetrical in design .The kitchen itself is not new, it has been around since antiquity. It was an invention of necessity, an area to prepare and cook meals, be it outside on an open fire or within the home. Today the modern kitchen can be made with a plethora of materials such as particle board which makes up most things, countertops can be made with anything from simple laminate to the expensive granites, marbles, and even stainless steels. The Cabinetry can use many different types of woods. With all…show more content…
I don’t mean shows, I mean the box itself we commonly we refer as the tv. Sleek, geometric lines,usually in blacks and greys. It is one of the remnants of our post industrial world that has evolved and been adapted to many products in our daily lives. Plastics make up a great portion of the tv from the base, case, and interior hardware. There are also metals and even precious metals used in the inner workings, light emitting diodes (LED’s) give us the crisp clear picture we expect, and non-reflective glass to finish it off. The television is as much a technological marvel as it is a work of

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