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This paper was more of a challenge to write than other paper at the beginning. This was the first time I had to think outside of the box to do a paper. My past english classes had usually been very simple and we’ve never been encouraged to be creative. This led to hours of wondering what topic I could choose that I was interested in but could make some sort of narrative about. This actually ended up being easier then I thought. I knew I wanted to the some sort of crime that was interesting and mysterious. The first person that came to mind was the Zodiac Killer. One of the most elusive serial killers in history. The next challenge was finding out how I was going to approach the paper. Since they never ended up catching the killer, There was almost no information on him. So I had to start brainstorming unique ways to go about the narrative part.…show more content…
Some crappy information as usual and some very good sources. A big problem I was faced with was that many of the articles were based off of rumors about the Zodiac Killer. There were tons of rumors that he had killed over 20 people. This could’ve been true but with only a few confirmed murders this wasn’t reliable enough information to base my paper off of. I then searched for the article that were factual about the confirmed killing where the bodies were actually found. Upon doing all of this I ended finding the person whom I wanted to write the narrative side of my paper about. His name was Dave Toschi. He had an extremely interesting involvement in the case. He was a detective at the time in the area of the murders, However, he was not initially put on the case. It wasn’t until one of the Zodiac Killer’s last murders that he was actually put in charge of the case. Although this story did not have a happy ending in any sort of way. They never ended up finding the Zodiac Killer, and the case is still open to this

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