The Sixth Box Short Story Analysis

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THE WHITE TIGER Reading Logs Kruti Modi 1. List of Characters • Balram Halwai (3): o Story’s narrator and protagonist o Tells his rise from village peasant to successful entrepreneur • Mr.Ashok (3): o Ashok is Balram's main master (boss), the Stork's son, and the Mongoose's brother o Generally kind and gentle to those around him • Pinky Madam (3): o Ashok's wife o Unsatisfied with life in India, constantly hoping to return to America o Is generally cruel to Balram • Mr. Krishna (10): o Balram's teacher in Laxmangarh o Responsible for giving Balram his first "real" name • Vikram (9): o Balram's father, a rickshaw puller o Works extremely hard to provide for his family • Balram’s mother (11): o Balram's mother died when he was very young o His mother had a…show more content…
116-133 Short Chapter Summary • Called away because of a serious incident in which a man lost his life (116) • Drove Ashok to a nightclub at a mall, and Mr. Ashok left the hotel with Ms. Uma (117) • Eavesdropped on a conversation between his master and her lover to discover that she was not a random pickup, felt guilty for doubting his master's morality (124) • Drove Mr. Ashok to the minister's house, stopping at several ATM's so that Ashok could make withdrawals for the bribe (125) • Poured whiskey for the men, eavesdropped on their conversation, which was about the coal business (128) • Minister’s assistant offered to buy Ashok a prostitute, picked up a blonde prostitute from Ukraine (130) • Drove alone through Delhi, observed men in the streets, and pondered the prospect of civil war in India (132) • Returned to the apartment building, found a strand of golden hair on the seat cushion (133) Themes or Topics o Motif of oppositions and pairs (38, 116, 117, 123, 129, 130, 106) Reading Log #7 Chapter 7; The Sixth Night PG. 133-174 Short Chapter Summary • Employed several techniques to steal money from his master

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