The Radioactive Boy Scout Book Report

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Book Report Over The Radioactive Boy Scout I chose to read The Radioactive Boy Scout, written by Ken Silverstein, because I found it interesting how a simple Boy Scout could build an entire nuclear reactor in his backyard. I was confused before I read the book because, from what I’ve heard, Boy Scouts aren’t taught how to build a nuclear reactor. I knew something was a little off about that and wanted to learn why. I was also confused on how a boy could build a nuclear reactor without his parents, or neighbors knowing what he was doing. I also read the summary of all the books and found this one to be the most interesting to read. The Radioactive Boy Scout is about David Hahn and his quest to build a nuclear reactor in his own backyard.…show more content…
David’s best subject in school was science and he was a major nerd about it. David had to start working out in order for the bullies to leave him alone. David did his work in a shed behind his house, and his room, until he got put in the basement. David’s experiments would get him in serious trouble sometimes because of the mass amounts of explosions and smoke he created. David worked in Kroger, and one day a few bottles of ammonia spilled onto the floor. The gas was causing many people harm, so David, with his mad chemistry skills, formed a compound which stopped the ammonia gas, but created a non-toxic white cloud. The manager freaked out and thought the cloud was toxic and fired David. When the manager figured out it was okay, David was rehired. David began buying elements so he wouldn’t have to just use the everyday household chemicals. David joined Boy Scouts, mostly because his dad wanted him to, and began earning merit badges. The ones that enticed David the most were the ones involving anything chemistry. David was awarded the merit badge for Atomic Energy after he did far beyond what was required for the merit badge. David had a goal to acquire every element on the periodic table. He began by getting the basic elements, then moved on

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