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In the book “The Real Hip-Hop: The Battle for Knowledge Power and Respect in the LA Underground” Marcyliena Morgan gives a very detailed account of the characteristics of different people and the differences between them in Los Angeles’s Good Life/Project Blowed. This was a freestyle rap venue/workshop where MCs from all different parts of the city met and challenged, developed and criticised each other’s improvised rap performances. It began on a Thursday night in the Crenshaw neighbourhood in 1994. Morgan immerses herself in everything hip-hop to give an extremely accurate ethnology of Los Angeles’s Good Life/Project Blowed. Morgan examines the language ideologies ingrained in general hip-hop and in this particular area of Los Angeles. Her studies focus on the role that language plays in developing a space for…show more content…
The very first one of these insights is a precise account of how the youth are socialized and associated into hip hop. Here Morgan establishes and outlines the different activities, levels of commitment and all the phases of participation that the participants of each group in hip hop culture manifest. Secondly Morgan historicizes many cultural and philosophical parts of hip hop as both in unity and in conflict with past African American cultural movements. All the types of cultural knowledge that successful MCs have is also discussed in this chapter and Morgan explains how authentic members criticise that knowledge. Lastly, the chapter contains a thorough discussion of the discursive strategies and grammatical areas of hip hop, showing the different ways in which participants of hip hop use creative language to construct a social identity and

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