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The Invisible Man Chapter Summary Chapter 1 The narrator remembers his grandfather, who was a freed slave but still not get equality and on his deathbed sought revenge against white. In the present time the narrator recalls giving a speech recommending black humility and the whites like it and he is taken to repeat it for the town leaders, but the leaders also arrange a “battle royal” and the narrator is beaten. It is a recurrent dream. Chapter 2 The narrator remembers his college and that he had a job at college driving a rich white man Mr. Norton around campus. They pass a cabin where a black man Trueblood lives. It turns out Trueblood impregnated both his wife and daughter, but blames a dream for having sex with his daughter. Norton gives Trueblood $100 then asks the narrator to take him to a…show more content…
A march is arranged to protest and the narrator gives a speech to the audience. He hopes the Brotherhood can regain influence in Harlem. Chapter 22 The narrator meets with Brother Jack and the Brotherhood. Jack is mad the narrator protested Clifton’s death since he was no longer a member and was selling racist dolls. Jack, a white man, tells the narrator he is paid to talk, not think. Jack instructs the narrator to see Brother Hambor, another white man, to learn the Brotherhood’s new program. Chapter 23 The community is angry over Clifton’s death. The narrator sees Ras, now Ras the Destroyer, giving a speech saying the Brotherhood did nothing after the speech and march. Ras’ followers attack the narrator but he escapes and puts on a disguise. He is mistaken for Rinehart, a pimp. The narrator getsw to Brother Hambo’s place and he is told the Brotherhood is giving up on Harlem to help elsewhere. The narrator plans on pretending to help the Brotherhood while killing it, as his Grandfather suggested blacks do to whites. He also wants to hurt Jack by having a relationship with his girlfriend, Emma. Chapter

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