The Negative Effects Of Spanking On Children

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Spanking is seen as one of the most popular forms of parenting nowadays. Numerous studies and researches have collected lots of evidence to prove that spanking does have a negative impact on children. Therefore, parents should not have the right to spank their children because spanking teaches the wrong lesson, makes the children feel helpless and hurts the parent-child relationship. Spanking does not work as effectively as parents think it does, and it teaches children the wrong message about hitting. “Physical punishment does not work to get kids to comply, so parents think they have to keep escalating it, and that is why it is so dangerous,” says Elizabeth Gershoff, a leading researcher on physical punishment at the University of Texas at…show more content…
It paints a dark and ugly color on the child’s feelings towards their parents, especially if they are spanked frequently. Every child believes that their parents always have his or her best interests in mind, so spanking can greatly cause a child to question this premise and leaves a cleft on the foundation of trust between kids and their parents. When parents use corporal punishment, they actually push their child a step further away without even notice. Over a long time, this can be a problem. Parents will no longer have an influence on their children anymore. Children will get older, start spending more time away from their parents and may get involved in the social vices. A study about Child Abuse and Neglect, published in September, asked “over 8,000 adults ages 19 to 97 about their childhood experiences with spanking and found that those who were spanked were more likely to drink heavily, use street drugs and attempt suicide” (LaMotte). Children do not always know what is right and what is wrong and need to be taught in a healthy manner instead of corporal punishment. Those who were physically punished are more likely to believe that it is acceptable, and their “attitudes toward physical punishment” will keep being passed “from generation to generation” (Phillips). It is a continuous cycle that never has an end. If people were afraid of being spanked when they were little, why would they repeat the same habit on their children? A child’s behavior is a reflection of his parents. Therefore, parents should be a role model for their children and all forms of physical punishment should be stopped because they are not the appropriate disciplinary

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