Changed In Corporal Punishment

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Corporal Punishment has various meanings, in the article “Changed in Corporal Punishment Overtime in Representative Sample of Canadian Parent” Corporal Punishment was classified as an action taken by the parent for correction with no plans to harm the child (Frechette and Romano 2015). An article by Corporal Punishment in America, describe corporal punishment as to cause hurt for doing something wrong and it can be for a slight paddle to a painful severe swat( ). For many years, corporal punishment has been a way to modify behavior, some individual frown upon this type of chastisement, while others embrace this form of adjusting humans conduct. Bower-Russa, Knutson & Winebarger said “a number of studies have found a positive association with a favorable attitude toward the of corporal punishment as well as its actual use” (2001).…show more content…
Is there a reason to believe that physical punishment should be discontinued? The anti-corporal punishment citizens feel that this method of discipline can become a gateway to child abuse, anxiety, aggressive and mental problems and want nothing less than to have this physical penance banned. Furthermore, some researchers are in agreement and claim they have found an association between physical punishment and numerous undesirable outcome that include aggression, behavioral deviance and substance abuse (Straus, 1987, 1994, 1995). Holden, Miller, & Harris stated “corporal punishment is not associated with internalization of positive conduct” (1999) and in a Marriage and Family article it was revealed that physical discipline has little to zero negative effect on a child (1996,
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