Why Spanking Is Wrong

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According to APA’s report of 2012, two-thirds of Americans still approve of spanking as a form of discipline today. Most parents do not spank their kids in hopes that it will teach them a lesson. They spank them because they are frustrated and they feel as if there is nothing left for them to do. Spanking is not an effective method when disciplining children due to the fact that it does not teach them good, it can cause both emotional and physical problems later in life, and there are better ways to discipline children. Spanking does not teach children right from wrong. According to EPOCH, an organization that hopes to end physical…show more content…
Many parents use spanking as a form of discipline to show their kids who is in charge and to stop them from doing whatever negative thing they are doing. Spanking teaches children that physical punishment is okay to use when someone does not fulfill their wants or needs. After all, children do tend to imitate their parents. Children who are spanked are more likely to be aggressive with their peers and bully other kids. This is because aggression is an unpremeditated response to feeling pain. Spanking also teaches children to resent and fear their parents. Ph.D. Straus asks the good question of, “Why is it okay for an adult to hit a child when it isn’t even acceptable for an adult to pick on someone his own size?” (O’Callaghan). The answer is that it’s not okay. When raising a child most parents tell them that violence is never the answer. If they spank their child, this is then a hypocritical statement and it just confuses the child. Some parents believe that spanking their children will teach them respect, but this is not true. In fact, spanking makes a child lose respect for their parents, and this makes for a weaker relationship between the two. According to the husband
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