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A controversial issue among people in the U.S. is whether or not parents should spank their children as means of discipline. Some people refer to this as corporal punishment. Both sides of the issue have supportive evidence. The amount of people against spanking their children is surprising compared to the number of people who do use corporal punishment. Studies have shown that approximately 80% of parents use physical discipline such as spanking on their children (UNICEF, 2014). The various reasons for supporting or opposing the use of spanking are what this essay is explaining. Data is connected to each point that is made. One side of this disputed topic is pro-disciplinary child spanking. Spanking as a tactic for discipline is a quick…show more content…
Due to the amount of insufficient evidence on positive disciplinary techniques, spanking will continue to be legal in the United States of America. Much of the evidence against spanking doesn’t contain other methods of discipline as variables. Also, in various studies showing connections between spanking and negative outcomes, researchers did not define spanking (Larzelere & Baumrind, 2010). It is often not distinguished in surveys how the spanking was used, i.e. hand, belt, switch, etc. If this data was also collected than results may vary between spanking and negative outcomes. The other side of this controversial issue is anti-disciplinary spanking. Many of spanking ban supporters consider spanking children as child abuse. Corporal punishment is a tactic that once used it is likely that parents will continue doing it (Maguire-Jack, Gromoske, & Berger, 2012). In one study, results showed that parents who spanked their children at age 1 were likely to do it at age 3 and the still at age 5 (Maguire-Jack et al., 2012). Anti-spanking supporters emphasize this data because once you get begin a disciplinary style it is difficult to change

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