Persuasive Speech On Child Soldiers

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Imagine this, you are a nine year old, playing soccer on a field near your house. Someone comes up to you and takes you away to go fight in a war. This is what children all around the world go through. Child soldiers are found in many countries around the world such as Iraq, the Central African Republic, Afghanistan and many more. Many child soldiers are born into poor families where they do not get any food, so they are encouraged to go fight because they get food and shelter when they fight in the army and children who are not forced to be soldiers volunteer themselves because they feel social pressure. Child soldiers should be given amnesty because they are forced into fighting, the commanders give them things that influence then to kill…show more content…
Most of the time they do not have a choice in whether or not they get to fight. On the website “” it says, “Children are often forced into fighting and have little choice over whether or not they enlist.” This shows that they do not have a choice and have to fight no matter what and should be given amnesty for that. Some of the children think that they are going to get all of their necessities such as food and water. In the article Victims or Perpetrators it says, ”At the time they might believe that recruiting would lead to a safer life as necessities such as food, water and shelter would be available; actually fighting in war would not cross their mind.” Most of them are tricked into fighting because they know that they are going to get food, water, and shelter but they don’t know that they have to kill their own families and commit horrible crimes such as mass killings. Author of New York Times, Upfront, Jeffrey Gettleman says,”Girls are often pressed into duty as cooks or messengers. Many are subjected to sexual abuse, including rape.” Most girls do not want to be in the war and especially not from rape and sexual abuse. They are forced into fighting and most of them are doing busy work and not actually fighting in the war. In conclusion, child soldiers are forced into fighting and should be given…show more content…
Since they are aware of what’s happening the commanders inject them with things to make them more compliant. In the article “” it says,” The commanders of child soldiers also use drugs and alcohol to make children more compliant and to enable them to commit acts they would not ordinarily commit.” This shows that they should be given amnesty because they are not there real selves when fighting because of the drugs and alcohol. They are given so many things that they are not aware of what is happening and just follow the orders from the commanders Child soldiers also start to depend on their commander for many things. On the same website in says, “Once children are recruited into the military it is also difficult for them to leave because they become dependent on their commanders for money and food.” They are so dependent on their commanders because they are giving them food, money, and somewhere to live but the commanders are giving drugs and alcohol to the child soldiers to make them kill people. If they leave the armed forces they will have nowhere to live and eventually die because they have no food or water. In conclusion, child soldiers are influenced into killing

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