Importance Of Discipline Essay

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Discipline is necessary in raising children - requiring patience, time, and hard work by the parent. Children desperately need their parents’ love and affirmation as well as their authoritative guidance and correction. Disciplining our sons and daughters is part of the tough work of parenting, but it will pay big dividends in the long run. There are a variety of disciplines that may be used on children to make them obey which includes physical punishment that most likely incorporate spanking. We believe that parents have been entrusted with the incredible privilege and responsibility of shaping their children’s behavior in a positive direction. Unfortunately, each of us enters this world with desires that are selfish, unkind, and harmful to…show more content…
A fine line should be drawn between trying to teach a child a lesson and acting abusively to get a point across. Children experience this during their growing years, leaving a long term retention of the things that they have felt. Children need their parents to set good examples of empathy and good judgment for them. Children naturally look up to their parents and may follow through with violent actions performed by some parents; leading the child to physically hurt classmates and/or siblings. They would think of it as positive and probably do the same to fellow children. Easily a young, vulnerable child assumes that the physical punishment that was used on them is acceptable. Children believe that if their parents spank them on frequent occurrence, it is then okay to hit others, too. Parents should realize that they are the main role models in their children's lives; they have a huge impact on what kind of person their child will become. According to our survey, 18.18% says that they would still use it when they become parents. This may imply that the small portion that says they will still use spanking in disciplining their children in the future finds it effective. They would still prefer to use spanking as physical punishment in disciplining their future children. Parents who were physically abused as children are more likely to spank their own child compared to a parent who was disciplined in a non-abusive way. Studies show that even a few instances of having been hit as a child are associated with more depressive symptoms in adult
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