Importance Of Forest Management In Nigeria

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settlement. Forest reserved has been encroached into. Logging activities continue day by day in the forest all these factors lead to increasing deforestation. Other causes of deforestation both direct and indirect are logging and fuelwood, overgrazing, fires, mining, Urbanization/industrialization and infra-structure, Wars and role of the military and tourism. The indirect causes are colonialism, Exploitation by industrialized countries, The debt burden, Overpopulation and poverty, Transmigration and colonisation schemes, Land rights, land tenure and inequitable land distribution and resources, Economic causes - development/land conversion value, fiscal policies, markets and consumerism, Undervaluing the forest, Corruption and political cause…show more content…
Forest Management is the way that forests and the trees within them are protected and used to provide forest products and other benefits. In order to manage a forest, the different objectives must be decided upon, and a work plan is made according to this. Just like any farm management, the work plan to manage a forest means what work to do, where, when, and how. Before starting forest management, the capacity and working process of those who are to do the work and benefit from it (user group) should be considered. This may be a community, family, individual, or other organization which will work in and benefits from the forest (Prasad, 2014). Forest management also involves the organized application of any particular silvicultural procedure to regulate and control yield and to ensure restocking of harvested areas with a view to achieving pre-determined objectives. Forest can provide single or lots of benefits depending on the objectives of…show more content…
of Cylinder of same Ht & DBH Form factor can also be classified according to the position of basal diameter e.g. in absolute form factor, the basal diameter is taken at ground level. Basal diameter is usually taken above ground level because of the difficulties due to irregularities and buttress at ground level. Basal diameter is usually taken at breast height which results in Breast Height Factor and sometimes at an arbitrary point says 5 or 10% of the total height of the tree to obtain a normal Form Factor. The advantage of Normal Form Factor is that the basal diameters are more closely related to the tree for (in trees of different form and height). The normal form factor also describes actual tree form much more efficiently. The disadvantage in using normal for factor is the difficulty in determining the position of the basal diameter. The portion of the tree, the volume of which is being determined can also be used in classifying form factor e.g. Merchantable Form Factor is one in which the merchantable length of the stem is used as the height while in the Stem Form Factor total height of the tree is taken. A Tree Form Factor results if the total height is used and the tree volume contains the volume of braches, wood, and stump. The frustum is similar to merchantable form factor but uses the volume of the frustum of a

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