Corrective Feedback Literature Review

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1. Introduction Studies comparing different types of corrective feedback abound, by reviewing the studies related to feedback we will observe numerous various types of applying the correction and inferences taken from the output, which the results are not always alike. The majority of the studies regarding the efficacy of corrective feedback types have been focused on the extent to which direct or indirect feedback facilitates the learners’ accuracy. Although these terms have not always been used consistently in the literature, direct corrective feedback has been defined as the linguistic structure adjacent to the linguistic error (Bitchener, Young, & Cameron, 2005). By reviewing the literature related to types of corrective feedback, mostly…show more content…
As you can observe from this example explicitly and directly the teacher may say or mark the mistake and its learn-ability is so high. Studies Pro Direct DCF A recent study by Sheen (2007) indicated that direct corrective feedback can be effective in promoting acquisition of specific grammatical features. Guenette (2007) defined direct feedback as an act that refers to the teacher’s correction of errors. Accordingly, Lee (2004) argued when the teacher pinpoints the problematic area and provides the right forms, explicit direct feedback is given. Ferris and Roberts (2001) illustrated supremacy for DCF over ICF among basic and elementary EFL learners. Kuiken (2008) stated that direct feedback effects positivelymon learners’ writing proficiency in long term. Mirzai and Aliabadi (2013) highlighted that DCF is more effective than ICF being compared in the contexts which are genre based. Advantages • DCF may provide learners with translucent guidance about how to correct the errors encountered. This is very demanding if learners are not aware of the correct form (i.e. are not capable of self-correcting the error. • DCF provides learners with explicit instructions and hints about how to correct the wrong forms. (Ellis,

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