The Roaring Conhibition: The Positive And Negative Effects Of Prohibition

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The Roaring twenties were a period of change and one of the things that had a huge impact on it was prohibition, that came with positive and negative effects. Although prohibition increased fatalities, political corruption, organized crime, and the loss of jobs it also had some benefits such as food pantries being opened and it provided jobs for those who couldn't make a pay. The twenties were a harder change for some more than others, some people prospered off of the new laws while others didn’t want to adjust. Problems had started and laws weren’t regulated well due to the loss of incoming taxes from the new prohibition laws, and so the crime rates increased due to the lack of enforcement. During the start of prohibition fatality rates had began to rise. Shown by "Crime wave, the increase in immortality and the divorce rate."(Hiaring). In a…show more content…
“ Some of them jokingly referred to the booze they manufactured for the low-end market as 'rotgut.” (Washington Post). Many people manufactured/ made their own liquor if they couldn't buy it from anyone else or didn't have the money to buy it.Lots of these homemade drinks weren't very save, so comes the term "rotgut". This is because it would literally rot your gut. People were looking for a cheap and easy way to get liquor in this time and sometimes don't care about the consequences of drinking these homemade products. It caused some things other than death too. “Furthermore, bootleg alcohol containing poisonous chemicals had caused physical harm, blindness, and sometimes death in over ten thousand people.” (McNeil). Another reason for so many deaths was the harmful chemicals that people put in their "moonshine". Causing some to go blind and in worse cases death. Mostly because people didn't know what they were doing and some wanted to make a quick buck because it was illegal. And others because they just wanted to have alcohol to

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