Sleep Deprivation Among Students Essay

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Forum Title : Sleep deprivation among student Moderator :Assalamualaikum wr. wb…. Good morning ladies and gentlemen. May I have your attention. Welcome to our forum today. First of all, I would like to thank to all of the audience in front of me. Thank you very much for attending the forum for today. Our interesting issues for tonight is “Sleep deprivation among student” Before the forum begins, allow me to introduce the panels today. Right on my left is our specially invited parent, Pn Ain syafiqah Bt Nordin. For your information, she is the winner of the best mother for the year 2010. A big claps for her and congratulation for the award. How are you today Pn Ain? I’m fine, and glad to be here this morning. Beside her is Pn Amani from the University Sultan ZainalAbidin (UniSZA), next to her is Professor Hidayah from Department of Social Society University Malaya. How are you today professor ? I’m doing Great. Thank you. Next, behind professor is Dr hafidhoh from Specialist Medical. I’m glad you came Dr. At the end of the corner is the very experience counselor, Pn shuhada from department Counseling. Welcome to all brilliant panels for today.…show more content…
Ultimately, we would want our children to be healthy and successful in their life. But, if their children cannot manage their time correctly, such as their not responsible about their rest time, it can give negative effect in daily activities. In addition, most student spending too much screen time every day like YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Texting, and playing Games. Then, they falls asleep late at night.The meaning of “Sleep deprivation” is a general term for a state of sleep inadequacy at the appropriate time, which may be acute or

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