The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

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The Thinker: Why You Need Solitary Personalities on Your Team Many people mistakenly assume that introverted employees aren’t as productive or useful as extroverted employees. However, solitary personality types at work have much to offer a business team. Keep reading to learn why your team needs a solitary introvert. The Personality Types The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a central part of personality psychology. Any student with a bachelor’s degree in psychology will know that the MBTI is one of the best tools to understand the differences and strengths that people have to offer. There are 16 unique personality types that are divided into different categories, such as introverted vs. extroverted and sensing vs. intuitive.…show more content…
Their quiet perspective is very useful for data-driven projects and complex decisions. Every team or project should have at least one person who can provide rational advice and a systematic approach. This is especially true in project management during the planning stage. It is also important to have employees who are fact-driven and detached from their emotions. They will be the best ones to handle confidential matters and demanding clients. Warm Feelings On the other hand, sensitive introverts who are caring and conscientious offer a unique balance of practical opinions and warm support. Businesses that deal with sensitive matters, such as health care facilities and law enforcement, need thoughtful and dependable people to help their clients. Introverts who are emotionally open and supportive of others excel in customer service positions. Innovation An introvert that is insightful and intuitive seeks meaning and inspiration. These individuals work well within creative fields that need dreamers and visionaries. These employees do extremely well with thinking outside the box and exploring new alternatives. They work well in research and development departments. They also excel in top leadership positions. Steve Jobs famously used his quiet passion to revolutionize the electronics
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