The Myers-Briggs Type Indicators

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Covenants are based upon respect for each individual entering the covenant. (Fischer, 2006) I had never thought of my job as being like a covenant, so this statement very much stuck out to me and is something I have even shared with co-workers this week. If we are truly treating our work as a covenant, job dissatisfaction should be infrequent. I feel so blessed to work for a company where I feel both the employer and employees are respecting this covenant. The managers are consciously leading and facilitating this effort by focusing on such organizational components as personality and values. Good introductory paragraph helps follow the discussion PersonalityGood use of headings; makes it easier to follow your presentation The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the most widely used personality-assessment instrument in the world. (Kennedy, 2004) The MBTI is something my company offers to all employees, because it benefits both parties. This assessment allows the company to…show more content…
(Kennedy, 2004) We all have individual values and business organizations have set expectations of their values too. In the company I work for, classes are required each year to review and reinforce the values that they wish to emphasize: accountability, responsibility, caring, candor, and working in teams are just a few. In my own personal experience, I have seen that when your values are aligned, you are more likely to be satisfied in your job. Conversely, if you have a particular value that does not align well with the organization that you’re in, you may quickly become dissatisfied. For example, we have a very open door policy, where information is freely shared and questions are encouraged. If you are a person that values privacy too intently, or doesn’t find it important to be forthright with information, you might find that you won’t fit in well within the Very good analysis
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