Psy 220 Week 2 Individual Assignment

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ENTJ also known as: Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging. For the most part my scores were accurately portrayed to reflect my personality and the type of leader that I would be. I have completed Myers-Briggs 64 question test more than once just to see if the scores are similar after each time. There were no surprises each time I received ENTJ type, just as expected. I was quite happy with the results because even before I knew this I thought I would be more of an extrovert rather than an introvert. As far as this particular test goes I wish it was expanded more. It has to take more than just 64 questions to determine ones abilities or personal preferences. Combination of other personality instruments could allow for more in-depth results.…show more content…
This pleasantly surprised me because I do take actions based on intuition, but definitely not to the extreme that I was scored. Intuition is something that has always helped with a lot of work assignments as well as choosing the right people for the right partnerships. Intuition has to be the second most important preference for due to its gut feeling, which I’m fond off. Amongst leaders instinct is something that separates success from failure and it cannot be replicated. Those with greater intuition have definite upper hand in a fast-paced agency. Interestingly enough, age has a lot to do with development of sensing and intuition. I start to come to sense where I notice a lot of things such as building, architecture that I have not noticed before. This new sensing ability that I am developing in my twenties now is something unique and I am truly enjoying this transition to make myself aware of the surrounding. Decision -making based on intuition rather than sensible solution is something that I can lean towards as well. I see a big picture most of the time overseeing little details that may be crucial points in the project. Although, ENTJ is seen a decisive persona, I beg to differ because it may be due to different characteristics such as zodiac sign. As a Libra I am not the most decisive, and that, a lot of the times instigates me to reason far too

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