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After studying my personality type, learning about spiritual gifts and assessing my life calling, I’m discovering that I am headed in the right direction. Reading the book, Please Understand Me has only helped me in understanding myself better, but then also understanding all of those around me. Corinthians 12 has reminded me that God has gifted me these talents I have and I should use them to help others the best way I can. I have been able to fully assess my life calling and watch myself start to grow. Once I began studying my personality type and reading the book, Please Understand Me. I have learned that I am an Idealist, ENFJ to be exact. From the words in The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ENFJ describes me as expressive, introspective, friendly, and scheduling. According to the book ENFJ’s are also called teachers. The instant I read that I couldn’t imagine a better title. My whole Life teaching others is what I have wanted to do. When I furthered my…show more content…
There are many different routes and personalities within one category many people who test closely can still differ quite a bit. I wanted to involve my family in the The Keirsey Temperament Sorter test so we could see the ways in which we are different and similar to one another. The first person to take the test was my older sister. Not like the results of my test, my sister tested into the Guardians category. She is an ITSJ or the Inspector. My mother also took the test and like my sister, my mother also tested into the Guardians Category. She is an ISFJ or the Protector. The two of them share many qualities, including being reserved, tough-minded, and scheduling. My mother has friendly on her list where my sister has observant. I find this very fascinating because I think that these titles are very fitting to the both of them. The three of us knew that the two of them were alike, but they are much more alike than anyone

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