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Meaning of life, it is a topic argue over hundreds of years. Here I will analyze two articles which have contrary views on what is meaning of life. First, “The Meaning of Life” by Richard Taylor, he mainly distinguish the topic into four parts. Meaningful and meaningless life are subjective. Meaningful and meaningless existence are objective. Moreover, they can exist at the same time. The centre idea of Taylor is we don’t need to ask what is the objective meaning in our life because we have the subjective meaning to ourselves. And that’s what make our life unique and interesting. Another article “The Meaning of Lives” is written by Susan Wolf. She said meaningful life having a point or purpose and provides sufficient reason to existence. If…show more content…
It is independent to personal desires and wishes. The obvious examples are moral and intellectual accomplishments. To conclude, meaningful life is accord with active engagement and objectively valuable projects. In my personal idea, I inclined to agree with Richard Taylor. We don’t need others to define our life is meaningful or not. It is more important that how we think of ourselves. Also, so called objectively valuable projects is not make sense because it can never reflects everyone options. Not the only, mainstream opinion is not refer to right and rational in sometimes. If people base on objective thoughts to determine a project is worthwhile, it is totally lack of capacity for independent thinking. I will explain my view later on. Taylor argues that lives in general are objectively meaningless. In commonly though, a repetitive action in life will end up lead a boring and tedious status. Life is just repeat and…show more content…
She often emphasis “a meaningful life is one that is actively and at least somewhat successfully engaged in a project of positive value.” (Wolf, 2007) First of all, “project” in Wolf’s definition is include not only goal-directed tasks, but also on-going activities and involvements. And it has to relate with objective value exists, or any potential benefits. In general, people will agree that life like celebrities is exemplify meaningfulness. Like Mother Theresa and Albert Schweitzer. No one will object their life is meaningfulness because they are objectively worthwhile to the world. But not many of us would agree a person who watch TV all day is meaningfulness. In Wolf’s thesis, she is doesn’t agree with “merely subjective value”. People want to know that meaning of life, which means they want to discover the objective thought and standard without personal feeling. She thinks subjective value cannot answer what is the meaning of life. Last but not least, Wolf points out an example, a scientist’s work of medical breakthrough is useless because he gain the same results as a week before. Although what the scientist do is meaningful, the outcome is meaningless. Consequently, it is meaninglessness(bankrupt). Here is my example, a monk spend his life to study elixir which can let people have immortal life. However, he doesn’t gain any result base on his project. In Wolf statement, his life is

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