Meaning Of Human Life Essay

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Abstract: In this paper I ponder the view, proposed by several people from Aristotle to Russell, that knowledge provides purpose and meaning of human life, and I find it deficient. I propose that the meaning and purpose of human life is happiness and argue that, while knowledge is not the ultimate purpose and meaning of human life, it is a precondition of happiness. In the context of this question there are various key terms that need to be clearly defined. First of all, the title emphasizes the term “whole point” being interpreted as the only meaningful point that should be studied. Secondly, both “meaning; and “purpose” need defining since both terms have different implications. “meaning” denotes having great value and significance towards something. While “purpose” pertains to a certain path or mission one is supposed to follow. As for the term “personal lives” it refers to the personal experience of humans and not to the investigation of career related professions. “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” ― Aristotle Thinking about what the purpose and meaning of human life is, one ends up agreeing that it is happiness. The most sensible answer to this question is still Aristotle’s:…show more content…
A valid answer would be that happiness consists in knowledge. For example, Aristotle states that “the theoretically wise is happy in the highest degree.” (Celluccip.15) This allows me to answer my original question: What is the role of knowledge in attaining happiness? People seek knowledge as a precondition of that state of emotional well-being that we call ‘happiness’. Therefore, man seeks theoretical and, practical wisdom in various areas of knowledge such as religion and the natural sciences in order to attain meaning and purpose in life; in other words,
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