Into The Wild: The True Meaning Of Life

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To me Alex has found a real meaning to life not just a follow the rules meaning. I think he has found a unnormal meaning to life one that he can only describe as free and not locked up. Alex no longer wanted to live a normal life he wanted his life to be outgoing and extraordinary. In the book the author states “thrilled by minor brushes with the law, savoring the savoring the intermittent company of other vagabonds he met along the way.”. To me this means that Alex loved to get in trouble because it gave him a sense of freedom. A Normal person would never want to get in trouble and would follow the rules. Not Alex, he wanted to be free and spontaneous never knowing what's going to happen next. I believe all the things he does on his…show more content…
To me Chris thinks anything not genuine and anything that “filtered his experience” were plastic. One way this is shown is when his co workers try to be well mannered so they offer Alex soap because he smells really bad and they think he is poor. In the book it states that his coworker “ started asking him if he needed some soap or anything. That made him mad-you could tell.”. This shows how Alex hated how non genuine his coworkers could be because his coworkers were pretending to be polite but in reality they did not like him and this made him hate their behavior. One way Alex is experiences are filtered is when he is forced to wear socks to work. The author states that, “The first thing he’d do is peel those socks off.”. This shows how Alex disliked when anything “Filtered his experience” even the smallest thing like wearing socks. I agree with McCandless because. I think that non genuine actions are “plastic” and events that “filter your experience” are not really needed. ALthough, i think we live in a plastic age I one hundred percent agree with Alex. I think that although the world we live in is full of plastic people that doesn't mean everyone should just follow that willy

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