Leo Tolstoy: The Meaning Of Life

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Najrana Binty Alam Meaning of life 14th October, 2015 Leo Tolstoy, one of the Great Russian philosophers, is in the search of the answer, “what is life?” and wants to know about the meaning of “life”. He was not necessarily wanted to know for seeking knowledge but he wants to know about the meaning of his living alive is like a dying man seeking salvation, but he found nothing. He summarized the views of science and philosophy about life. According to science, Tolstoy says, “You are that which you call your life; you are a temporary, incidental accumulation of particles. The interrelation, the change of these particles, produces in you that which you call life.”(Tolstoy, 11) That mean, everyone who has life, is mortal. Life is a change in…show more content…
If you have no goal, your life is meaningless. Some says; if you enjoy your life by actively engaging with your beloved things or work, your life is meaningful. The philosophical analysis has no right or wrong answers, the analyses are depends on their observation on life and experiences. The philosophers and scientists are gave their answers according to their perspectives, but the answers was not “the” answer which Tolstoy was looking for. Later on, Tolstoy could found his answer in “Faith” in his “My Confession” article. In his article he says, “Faith is the knowledge of the meaning of human life, in consequence of which man did not destroy himself, but lived. Faith is the power of life, and without faith, one cannot live” (Tolstoy 14) He believes, a person who believes that he has many things to do in his life, he has meaningful life, and who believe he has nothing to do; his life is meaningless. He states, in this regards, poor people has more meaningful life rather than rich people. To poor people, Life means faith. They believe they have many works to do in their life. They work to survive their existence on the world. In contrary, Rich people do not need to work in order to survive, they work to lead an easy lifestyle and…show more content…
(Tolstoy, 11) As life is mortal, we can survive for specific time period. The chemical interaction of our physical organs will work for certain point in time and we will die. After our death, what will happen? Our all question will come to an end with the end of our life. If our existence is no longer, how the question related with life will exists? Although one know very well that he will not going to live forever, but they work. Why do they work? If they not going to live forever, what do they need to work for a lethal life. People don’t know when they are going to die. Yet people are working based on their faith that they have to survive whether it has any meaning or not. Tolstoy considers that everything is finished after one’s death. Is it true? There are many people that they think about what will happened after their death. They thought how their beloved will survive without their support. Parents, husbands, children are worried about their child, wife, old parents. They found their meaning of life by serving to their beloved. Tolstoy says, “With such an answer it appears that the answer is not a reply to the question. I want to know the meaning of my life, but the fact that it is a particle of the infinite not only gives it no meaning, but even destroys every possible meaning”. The universe

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