The Machine Stops Sur Analysis

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Science fiction made its way in ruling our lives. Technology is all around us. Year by year, centuries over centuries, the dependency towards technology is exacerbating. This situation however, have been predicted by a story titled “The Machine Stops” that was written last century, and is predicting how humanity will be driven away by technology advancement. This situation is also pictured in the movie “The Transcendence”, that was released in the 21th Century, and how humanity is being used and at the same time using technology for their favor. Both plots represented the advancement of science fiction and how it influence humanity. However, the two of them somehow differ yet is similar in terms of the genre, characterization, and the purpose. The first element is the genre. “The Machine Stops” was written a century ago, yet it pictures the world the way it will be in the forthcoming era, a world where technology is the primary object ruling the earth, and humanity is just a status. “I want to see you not through the Machine, I want to speak to you not through the wearisome Machine.” (p.2) This means that it is predicted that in the upcoming centuries, human is going to go 'effective' in meeting one another, without wasting time and without much…show more content…
The Transcendence implies how technology conquer our life and how humankind is treated like lab rats for the favor that seemingly says that technology helps revive the death, which impulsively is something nothing can reach for. The Machine Stops pictures a situation where we are being spoiled by technology, and where the boundary of technology is our safe zone. The way Vashti insisted going out of her beehive-like home is basically trying to imply that the society, even with the obvious limitation, is enjoying what technology is providing them with, not willing to take the initiative for a better and the life of
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