Analytical Chemistry: Five Branches Of Chemistry

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Five Branches of Chemistry Analytical Chemistry: The study involving how we analyze the chemical components of samples. Areas that use analytical chemistry is forensic science, environmental science and drug testing. Analytical chemistry is parted into two categories; qualitative and quantitative analysis. Both types of analysis can be used to provide important information about an unidentified sample and help to identify what the sample is. Analytical chemistry covers almost all of the areas of chemistry, but involves the development of tools and methods to measure physical properties of substances and apply those techniques (qualitative analysis) and quantify the amount (quantitative analysis) of species in a wide variety. CCE presentations…show more content…
So it makes me happy that they’re making a filter for it. I think this CCE suits this branch of chemistry because they had to analyze the effects sulfite has on people and also how to find either an alternative or, like they’re planning to do, a filter. Greenhouse gases: Engineers have developed a new and cost-effective catalyst (a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change.) to recycle two of the main catalysts behind climate change. I liked this CCE because I mean, who isn’t afraid of climate change? And also we need to fix it. Although I can admit that the presenter who did this didn’t give many details on the presentation, so it was kind of hard to explain. I believe this CCE suits this branch of chemistry because the engineers had to analyze and find a catalyst to recycle two of the main catalysts behind climate change. Scientists develop machine to learn a method to predict the behavior of…show more content…
Scientists have developed a nanomaterial that uses solar energy to extract hydrogen from sea water. Hydrogen is very important, and this development is important because we can use less fossil fuels and more hydrogen, it’s good for the environment. I like this presentation because well, I like the world and the environment, and we have so much work to do on it anyways, may as well start with something small that may eventually get bigger and cause a change in the world. I believe this presentation is linked to this branch of chemistry because nanomaterial is man-made, inorganic. How pollution is affecting China: Pollution is the biggest problem that is affecting China. From littering, dumping to factories releasing chemicals into the air. Carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide produced by industry and vehicles. They are air pollutants, some can cause diseases. I like this presentation because once again, pollution isn’t good for the earth, and we should look into more ways to help the environment and cut out

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