Terminator 2 Judgment Day: Film Analysis

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Ramon Wise Robley Welliver English 121-319 3 November 2015 Analysis Essay On the merge of Destuction Countless science fiction and action adventure films show images of the future and values of American principles. For an example, film directors would express there imagery on a fictional story but the film would actually be metaphors to actually what’s going on in the real world. For instance James Cameron’s film Terminator 2 Judgment Day, starts off with a scene in the future, which killer machines have taken over and driven humans almost to point of extinction. James Cameron uses current events as a metaphor to his science fiction film. As the film goes on James Cameron’s, Terminator 2 Judgment Day uses a repeating motif of postmodern theory on what’s happening in the real world and compares it to his imagery in his occult classic. In the film Terminator 2, Cameron's future shows the world taken over by an artificial intelligence system called Skynet. The system…show more content…
which Dyson is an African American depictured as a hero destroying Cyberdyde Systems. James Cameron also uses imagery of war at the beginning of Terminator 2. You see four horses burning on a playground which are depictured as the four horsemen of apocalypse in the holy bible. In 1991 Desert Storm was taking place. In the real world when people see war in the middle east they assume it’s the end times. In addition, the film portrays Cyberdyne's Skynet systems as a ruthless dictator who will soon takeover and destroy all humans. In 1991 the internet is made available to unrestricted commercial use which people were afraid that a computer someday would be smarter than humans. In addition the T-800 explains that artificial intelligence takes over the world putting humans in camps for extermination. This description of the future shows a resemblance to the death camps during World War

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