Total Quality Management: Five Dimensions Of Service Quality

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2.7.Quality Management Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry(1985) define five dimensions in service quality: - Reliability - Responsibility - Assurance - Empathy - Tangible Customer use these five elements to judge the service quality, which are base on the comparison of their expectation and actual perception. Total Quality Management(TQM) is the philosophy commonly used to ensure high quality of service. It highlights that quality is defined by customer, it is a responsibility of all employees in the organization. It also requires to minimize all costs of quality and continuous improvement culture should be developed. Another key aspect of TQM is to develop process to support improvement. IKPP’s maintenance department follow the ISO 9000…show more content…
The failure of machinery will not turn up suddenly, it take a long process for the component to wear out. Before the total shut down of the machine, the vibration frequency will rise. Vibration analysis is normally implemented by measuring the acceleration, velocity and displacement. (G Diwakar, Dr. M R S Satyanarayana and P. Ravi Kumar, 2012)All machinery will have its usual vibration frequency. Generally, the machinery handling heavier load and working under harsher environment has high usual vibration frequency. For example, a wood debarking drum has a working vibration frequency from 8.2 mm/s to 12.8 mm/s while a paper machine roller only has a usual working vibration of 1.4 mm/s to 2.4 mm/s.(Jouko Kassling, 2011) When the vibration frequency is in abnormal range, it indicates the developing failure in the machine. Usually, by applying vibration analysis, the failure is about to be detected at least 4 to 6 months before the failure happens.(Jouko Kassling,…show more content…
This allows the maintenance department to be more proactive. The bottleneck in the maintenance process, waiting for units and parts arriving, can be conducted parallel with other tasks. The time saved by predicting machinery failure can cover the long waiting time fully. Another areas can be improved in the maintenance process is to shorten the time to locate the faulty components and check existing stock units. A full line survey should be conducted to generate a line map to indicate each units location. The stock units and parts should be examined, all parts and units with usable condition should be labored and log in the SAP system. Stock availability should be checked right after developing failures are

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