Keurig Porter's Five Forces

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In order to understand Keurig’s position in the market and their marketing plan, we use SWOT analysis to identify its pros and cons. Strengths Keurig has much strength as a brand in general. Its sales have been increasing in the past decades and are likely to increase in the future as consumers are shifting from purchasing coffee from coffee shop to home brew fresh coffee. Other than that, Keurig has the advantage of being the first mover in the single cup brewing market segment as well as the only single-cup brand with several brewing models. In addition, Keurig’s brewing machines are able to brew one cup of 8 ounce fresh coffee within a minute and are convenient to the consumers as the cleaning job for the machines are plain easy. On top…show more content…
Consumers are reluctant to spend excess money on products, causing some consumers choose not to buy the brewing machine. In addition, though Keurig is an environmentally friendly brand, the packaging of its products are hard to recycle. This had create the issue of how to dispose k-cup or Keurig cup and causes environmental concern consumers to stop or purchase less k-cup or Keurig cup products. Other than that, though Keurig has the first mover advantage, the lack of advertising in the past has caused Keurig lost part of its first mover advantage. This has cause the brand name to be not as recognized as it could…show more content…
Due to the decline in economy, consumers will have smaller disposable income and are spending less as a result. In addition, though Keurig is an environmental friendly company, its packaging is very hard to recycle and will be seen as a threat. This can be quite threatening as the consumers are growing environmental concerns, selling a product that can harm the environment could damange perceptions of the brand. Other than that, Keurig’s competition is one of the threat and legal issues with the company as

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