Criminal Profiling: The Arthur Shawcross Case In New York

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Criminal profiling is helpful in developing information on a suspect for a crime by using a investigation of the crime scene that was left by the suspect. Criminal profiling or offender profiling can be best defined as having physical and psychological evidence being correlated. One use of the psychological profile is using it to help narrow the core of the investigation for the investigators, which happened to be the case for Wayne Williams who was the Atlanta child serial killer, but it wasn’t to help identify him as a suspect. In the Arthur Shawcross case in New York, this helped connect the criminal to a crime scene by a profile. This can even help someone to call police to describe a suspect that may seem to fit a profile, this is a good example with Richard…show more content…
First, a police officer will collect crime scene date and send it to a profiler; Second, the profiler analyses the crime scene data; Third, the profiler will provide a forecast about who the suspect is and if it was possible to have committed the crime. Profilers will put the crime scene date they analyzed in either “clinical” or “statistical” in nature (Kocsis, 2013). The verdict of how a crime is committed, especially the desire type of serial killings, spree killings, rape that is consistant, and mass murders aid from attempting to profile a suspect of certain crimes. Profilers who are scientific will go on their ability, background, and training to foresee the characteristics of a suspect. In comparison to profilers that are statistically adapted from an inquiry that are based on statistical models that are detailed and presumed from inquiries of suspects characteristics who have already committed comparable crimes. It will point in the right direction for the police, which they might have excluded

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