Hamlet: Claudius's Guilt Of The Murder Of King

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Hamlet is a story with a vast amount of ambiguities such as Hamlet’s insanity, incestuous relationships, and the analysis of the last scene. One of the more controversial ambiguities is Claudius’ guilt of the murder of King Hamlet Sr. There are important details to pay attention to that help indicate Claudius is the murderer. The Ghost tells Hamlet that he was murdered by Claudius. Claudius also had a good personal motive and reason to. Claudius also reacts in such a way that proves his guiltiness. Through the actions in the play the interpretations of the movies, Claudius is guilty of murdering Hamlet Sr. because the ghost told so, he had personal motive and Claudius showed guiltiness. One spot in the movies where they have shown there interpretations was the scene in which Hamlet talks to the ghost. In the play, the ghost says, “Sleeping within my orchard, my customs always of the afternoon, upon my secure hour thy uncle stole, with juice of cursed…show more content…
As portrayed through flashbacks in the Kenneth Branagh film, Claudius was flirting with Gertrude while Hamlet Sr. was alive. There were a few scenes added in showing Claudius and Gertrude flirt while the king wasn’t around, such as a bowling scene. This gives Claudius the right incentive to kill Hamlet Sr. He would not have been able to have a relationship with her while Hamlet Sr. was still around. Some course of action would have to take place to get rid of him. Gertrude might have very well also told Claudius to do it so that they could be together. Both could have been given or taken the wrong message, but Claudius did have the right incentive to kill the king. Then, what are the odds that within two month of an unknown death of Gertrude’s husband, Claudius and her marry. With Hamlet knowing that Claudius was the leading suspect as murderer of his father, he had to make a

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