The Importance Of University Education

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First of all, University education opens up many job opportunities and career paths. No other place in the world gives you the chance to switch from trying to become an engineer to trying to become a doctor or lawyer so fast. Basically, the university is like a huge bundle of possible career paths for every single student. Also, a university degree is also required in for many different jobs today. This means that having a degree gives you much more options and flexibility in the job market. According to Dalby Sr. Marketing Specialist at Tidewater (2013), in “How Does a College Degree Help Your Career”, if you are a person who wants a better future life you have to go to university or college. She says, there are five reasons for the success…show more content…
When people are exposed to new ideas they have to have more open-mindedness because they are not so closed-minded. Even more, students become more sensitive to different ideas and beliefs that other people have because they are exposed to diverse ideas in both classes and when they have dialogues with other students at the university. In the article “Educational Policy on Emotional Intelligence: Does It Make Sense?” Marey and Cobb (2000) writes that’s Political education is linked to the total emotional intelligence as it is based on the scientific and practical journalism of the media more than what is based on psychological research and psychological. There are also many areas in the search for emotional intelligence and social and emotional education and how to learn the character and how education Emotional intelligence supports social, psychological and emotional education and how this emotional intelligence is linked to success and that education itself is only an auxiliary factor to be able Coexistence in the future of human beings. For example, if someone takes a course in religions of the world they will learn a little bit about many religions, which will make them more aware of different cultures and their unique religious values and beliefs. For sure this is a recipe for better…show more content…
Before university people live a very sheltered life where they only meet family and high school friends, and they know these people almost all their lives. The opposite happens in a university where all of a sudden students meet other students from all over their country and maybe even from other countries. In “Moving Beyond High School Expectations: Examining Stakeholders' Responsibility for Increasing Latina/o Students' College Readiness,” Yamamura, Martine and Saenz in (2010), writes that’s in order to improve the student's recent high school graduation and learn how the community in university life. And how to learn from the owners of experience how to deal with those around him of his request and professors must resort to teacher’s advisers and supervisors. There is also a cultural hybrid revolution within the boundaries of how to plant and harvest this product and exploit the effectiveness to improve the performance of universities and how to receive new students and all this study was in South Texas. Like I said above this gives more chance of dialogue which increases toleration, but this also forces students to meet new people and make new friends. Of course, students can also make good connections here which can help them in life if they want to start a business after college or need something else specific. Compared to high school university give students an academic

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