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Meet Alexandra Hulit Meet Alexandra Hulit, short for Alex. She is a girl who was born in New Hampshire and grew up there. Her family and her moved to Colorado after the first year of high school, due to the fact that her father got a new job out here. Unlike me, I guess she can get used to Denver’s cold weather fast. Her grandma was surprised that it snowed for a week during her high school graduation in May. Because of her father as a pilot, she has traveled many places. Alex is obsessed with fashion and love to shop. When she is not working, she goes shopping with family and friends a lot. To make the most use of it, she works at Tommy Hilfiger and GAP at the mall for two or three week a month. She can be considered the style to be very preppy but also comfortable and functional for college life. Alex is also loving to be outside. She spends a lot of time walking her dogs with family, hiking, kayaking, running,…show more content…
Learning style can reflect your personality in many ways, and left/right brain quiz shows how you think and preferences. Alex is a tactile learner and slightly more right brain thinker, which you can see in the multiple intelligences quiz that she is more capable and achieve at words and language. She is good at dealing with people’s emotions. Musical and logical part would be her weakness. She knows what she want and the area she wants to achieve is perfectly fit for her. I’m sure she will be success in her future. I have the opposite style of Alex’s. I can only remember things when the room is quiet. I get distracted easily by people or anything around. Music, definitely, is a huge distraction for me. People like Alex might enjoy studying in a coffee shop with her friends, but as for me, I would probably end up doing nothing but talking with my friends. This is kind of important because if Alex and I going to study together, it won’t work

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