The Importance Of Geology

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1. Introduction The essence of geology in today's modern civilization cannot be denied. The wide scope of a variety of studies of Geology encompasses everything that has been on the surfaces of the Earth. This study can be applied in different fields and discipline such as chemistry, biology, civil engineering, history, economics and even politics. In the US there are over 386 schools offering geology programs, grant geology degrees, or offer geology courses. (Koch & Lee, 2011-2013) With these numbers, there is no doubt that most of these universities are listed as one of the world's top universities for Geosciences making it easier for interested geology majors to pursue their course. Geology is one of the most fundamental courses because…show more content…
According to the official list of in-demand and priority college courses for 2014-2018 released by The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) on March 25, 2014, the top five courses include: (1) Agriculture and Related Fields; (2) Engineering; (3) Science and Math; (4) Information Technology; (5) Teacher Education Related. In all of those courses listed above, Geology is found in the Engineering related courses which are the second most sought-after course. (Bianc, 2014) Although, Geology is proven as a marketable stake, does the Filipino youth regard this as a suitable path to take nowadays? Does mentioning the course ring its popularity to the graduates? The researchers don't think that Geology is popular enough for the graduates to choose. Another reason is that the Philippines is considered as one of the propitious countries for having the most abundant resources in the world. The Philippines accounted for 17% of the world production of mined nickel, and 3% of mined cobalt. The country also produced other mineral commodities, such as cement, chromium, copper, gold, marine salt, and silver (Kuck, 2015; Shedd, 2015) If the Filipinos are not well educated about the preservation and protection of these resources then the nation can never achieve the entirety of its development. With these reasons, the researchers are filled with curiosity concerning whether the students who decided to take this direction are well-taken care of in terms of the curriculum and educational materials provided by The National Institute of Geological Sciences (NIGS). Also, the researchers intend to know how in depth do NIGS selected professors to educate the study of
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