Importance Of Quality Assurance In Scientific Research

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Importance of Quality Assurance in conducting scientific research  Introduction: The scientific research has become much more intricate and more chanllenging for researchers over the past decades. There has been an increasing contextual affect, from government, society and industry at liberty. This evolution has effects for assessment systems, not those concerning the single researcher or groups and projects, but also about the system all together. During the current time, in all countries higher education is believed to be vertebral column of the society. The quality of knowledge of human recourses which have in the country is relay on thestandard of higher education. Quality of higher education is the main factor which can reduced the…show more content…
Study design 2. Data collection 3. Statistical analysis 4. Publication • If any of these step is missing, consequence can be worst which definitely lower the quality of the research work and reduce the publication chances. How can we improve the quality of scientific research? Scientific problems always need a solution with a great research following scientific method to solve them. When the study is correct, strategy, logical, systematic and ethical, it gives surety that result must be good and useful for people. If there is any weakness in the method of research, the conclusions will be invalid and efforts will be waste. On the other hand scientific research does not end if researcher gets the successful result, it’s also important for the researcher to get more credit by publishing the outcome of the research work.  Quality Assurance (QA): • ‘All the designed and organized actions implemented contained by the quality system, and established as needed, to provide satisfactory assurance that an entity will fulfil requirements for excellence or…show more content…
If the process is external, quality assurance usually also provides a kite mark to show that the work has cleared that threshold. External processes in specifically may also includes as an active role for reviewers in promising that the work under inspection emerges as the best possible edition of itself and work is trusted and unchallengeable. If the work is poor, quality assurance system has failed. It mandatory to note.on the other hand, in the research background there can be no certification and assurance that results are correct and not able to be disputed. The improvement of educational standards and acceptance relay on challenging, examining or even overturning current findings. Fundamentally an assurance process can do is to search for to guarantee that research is accurately conducted, and its consequences are reported truthfully, on the basis of the finest presently accessible techniques, knowledge and

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