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Legaspi, Denille S. (Den) En 11 – E07 Major Task 1 – Final Paper April 18, 2016 A Better Access to a Better Future Every country considers human resource development as a key component in developing the whole nation, and education plays a crucial role in developing its human resources. It is not surprising that all governments obligate themselves to offer equal access to high quality education to their people; however, opening access to everyone is not always easy as there are prevailing issues such as geographic location, lack of budget and insufficient learning facilities. As mentioned in the “ASEAN Journal of Open and Distance Learning (AJODL),” in the Southeast Asia region, promoting equality in education…show more content…
I personally know two people who are currently studying in the UPOU; one is my sister’s bestfriend who is taking up Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies. According to her, she decided to pursue an undergraduate degree in our country’s open university because she had to work after high school due to her family’s financial problems. Compared to other working students, I think studying in the open university gives her more advantage because she is able to get a flexible schedule and adjustable number of units. This means that the UPOU offers a personalized program of study which is ideal for working students who are having a difficulty looking for time to actually attend school. Also, open universities basically use technology for learning which means it is not campus-based. Another person I know who studies in UPOU is my friend’s sister who is currently taking Master of Information Systems. In spite of being a single and working parent, her wish to take a Master’s degree didn’t cease when she found out about UPOU. According to her, the best part of studying in an open university is that she isn’t hassled by traveling to and from different places, instead, all she has to worry about is going to and from her office for work and their home for her child. Correspondingly, I think since teachers and learners are separated…show more content…
Considering that there are only 2,568 UPOU students in 2013 (U.P. Statistics 2013) in spite of our country’s huge population, it can mean that only few are aware and/or interested in the open university. Also, as a national public university, getting in shouldn’t be a major problem because it is established for every Filipino regardless their financial status or class in the society. Finally, technology is in almost everybody’s hands today. By giving importance for UPOU and investing properly on it, Filipinos can practically make use of technology so that majority can have a proper education no matter their lives’

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