The Importance Of Technology Sustainability

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Change is inevitable and technology is at the forefront of change for a social institution’s structure (Ferrell, Thorne, & Ferrell, 2016). Technology is an always growing and changing resource. If an organization is able to apply and adapt to technological progress the business will have a better chance of achieving sustainability. Changes in technology will enable an organization to adapt to the needs of their stakeholders and lead the way for improved product and process developments that will enable a large company like Anglo American to be sustainable. Technology is a tool that allows fast development and the introduction of new technology can often lead to the need for more and new technology for advancement and facility development. Technology…show more content…
360). Natural environment can include biological entities and the interaction between nature and the human race along with business/industry developments (Ferrell, Thorne, & Ferrell, 2016). Sustainability requires monitoring and improving strategies and practices in areas such as business, economy, technology, and lifestyles while maintaining and minimizing the harm that the strategies and practices take on the natural environment/resources. Successful sustainability is meeting the current needs while making efforts to not compromise future generation’s ability to meet their needs. In other words, maintaining and saving natural resource for the future of humanity and the…show more content…
Social responsibility is an organizations effort to maximize positive impact while minimizing negative impact to meet the needs of stakeholders. Sustainability plays a key role in an organizations ability to meet social responsibility/stakeholder expectations. Many stakeholders are drawn to organizations that strive to minimize its negative impact on the environment or minimizing its footprint on negative environmental impacts. Stakeholders are increasing their concerns and expectations of organizations to utilize and develop new technology, products, and processes that reflect organization sustainability efforts that prove to minimize harmful impacts to the natural environment. Stakeholders expect to see organizations efforts for sustainability to be made in terms of chemical disposal, recycling, and minimizing emissions of greenhouse gases, just to name a few. Organizational sustainability efforts have been linked to a business’s ability to achieve a competitive advantage. Organizations that make sustainability efforts see improved relationships with stakeholders. Cost saving may even be achieved in the long run as a result of an organization’s sustainability efforts. Stakeholders constantly evaluate organizations issue awareness and the decisions made by organizations to elevate the impact of potential or current issues. Some common issues that may arise could include sustainability,

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