Green Supply Chain Management Literature Review

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CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Introduction This literature review seeks to give an overview of various studies and theories and principles in the field of green supply chain management. The chapter looks into manufacturing industries in general. Further the chapter explores green supply chain management. It will also put into context the Ghanaian situation regarding the status of oil nut company waste. 2.2 Manufacturing Industries Industrialisation is the development of a modern manufacturing sector which involves the organisation of enterprises, specialisation and the application of improved technology. The promotion of industries is necessary for rapid and sustained development of developing countries such as Ghana. In recent times, manufacturing…show more content…
Jospech Sarkis et al. (2011) realized that GSCM has gained increasing attention within both academia and industry. As the literature grows, finding new directions by critically evaluating the research and identifying future direction becomes important in advancing knowledge for the field. Greening the supply chain ensures closer relationships between trading members in a supply chain. In summary benefits of GSCM are those that relate to cost avoidance and risk reduction. Cost avoidance may be in the form of avoidance of purchasing hazardous material as items of trade which reflect the internalised costs associated with environmental harm cost avoidance of storing, managing and disposing process waste, cost avoidance of public and regulatory hostility towards environmentally harmful organization,…show more content…
Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) emerges as a new systematic environmental approach in supply chain management and has been increasingly accepted and practices by forward-thinking organizations these days. Green Supply Chain Management reveals the implications of today’s most pressing environmental issues and demonstrates how green practices can actually save money, increase efficiency and reduce delivery time. Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) is one of the recent innovations for the enhancement of capabilities of Supply Chain Management. Implementation of GSCM is very important in to controlling Air pollution, Reduction of wastages, improving quality of product having Green Sourcing & Procurement, Green Manufacturing, Green Warehousing, Green Distribution, Green Packaging, and green transportation Product manufactured by industries should be green i.e. pollution free during usage. Environmentally friendly product designs, issues involving manufacturing must also be addressed to have a complete concept of green manufacturing i.e.; the design of product should be environmentally eco-friendly such as designing of

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