Importance Of Agricultural Sustainability

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Agricultural Sustainability What is Agriculture? Agriculture is the science, art and business of cultivation of plant, animals, or any other life form, in varying degree for food, clothing, medicine, or other products for enhancement and sustenance of life on earth. Role and Importance of Sustainability in Agriculture Evident from its elucidation, sustainability deciphers the maintenance, long-term support and pervade the permanence of the existence of any endeavour. With increase of world population and implicit inflation of demand for the basic level of sustenance of life, it has become very crucial to establish an endurable agricultural system. Simultaneously, the replenishment of the process catalysts and promoters and minimisation of…show more content…
A well designed combination of mitigation plan, customized on the basis of climate and topography is in utter need for a sustainable approach. Figure 1 : Key interventions • Soil Nutrient Management: Being an ultimate resource of mineral nutrients and a key element in sculpting and supporting the plant anatomy, it is very crucial to conserve the utility of the soil for a sustainable intensification of the crop productivity. Also, it will ensure optimum percolation of the nutrient in the food chain thereby buttressing human health and well being. Over the years, it has been observed that the top-soil erosion is single largest threat to the troposphere and thus the agricultural productivity. Top-soil being the most nutrient abundant part of the strata proves to be instrumental in crop…show more content…
Use of predation, parasitism and herbivory are some of the nascent ideas through which the pest can be controlled. The basic idea is to create a hostile environment for the pests by supplemental release of natural enemies like parasitoids or pathogen. Figure 2 demonstrates pest control by parasitoids by ovipostioning of eggs on the pests. Figure 2: Biological Pest Control One of the major challenges of biological pest control is that it requires a substantial amount of human management role for proper in inoculation of the natural enemy and its control which otherwise it might have a negative impact on the native ecosystem. • Watershed Management: With an ever increasing agricultural productivity over the decades, the requirement of water for irrigation has been thumping, because of which proper watershed management has become a need of the hour. It has been observed that that water usage rate has exceeded the rate of replenishment of the sources, to a large extent. Moreover, improper scheduling due to lack of knowledge and technologies has frequently resulted into mismatch of demand and supply of water by the

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