Importance Of The Renaissance Art

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During the renaissance artists changed the way they painted and sculpted, they learned how to paint in all three dimensions, which brought life and realism to their works. Also, getting away from the religious roots of art created an entirely new type of art that was rich in drama and emotion. There are many arguments as to why the renaissance started and why it started when it did. Unfortunately, these arguments are just that arguments. Each explanation has a rebuttal, leaving each person to come up with their own theory which oddly enough fits into the theme of this period. Some of the basic arguments as to why the renaissance started includes the Medici coming into power. The Italian high Renaissance was manifested by paintings expressing…show more content…
Beethoven depended on a Mozart to be a Beethoven. Picasso depended on a Cezanne. Without Michelson, there would be no Einstein. I do think that nobody is 100% original. And this is the anxiety of influence. Almost all of our decisions and even creativity is outsourced to the people around us who influence us: peers, teachers, religion, parents, bosses, etc. Even our personality is our own mishmash of influences. This presumption is often true in the evolution of art. Renaissance artists imparted us renown and humanistic learning to seduce by beauty, to connect body and mind to soul. Nothing is more interesting than late work of genius. Art during the Renaissance are pornographic (not in a malicious way) in detail with detail rendering sculptural facts—and the grace of body parts filled with longing. And the sonnets written in the master’s own hand, moving from Latin stillness into life and…show more content…
Members of society, no matter the period, have used various forms of art in order to take charge of the minds of individuals in their community. Art, having the ability to remain in the hearts and minds of the people, has always affected the psychology and emotions of the people. When art gives off a truly understandable message, viewers are captured by the intensity of the piece. Those in power can use this to their own advantage by having the art created in the manner in which they please. Evidently, Leonardo Da Vinci is considered a “Renaissance Man” because of his talent in almost every area. A “Renaissance Man” is someone who’s able to do a little bit of everything. That is exactly what his life was; a dedication. Da Vinci is an interesting character it seems he was a genius, many of his ideas and discoveries were ahead of his time, but it seems – at least to me – that he lacked the ambition to complete many of his

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