Lemon Tree Case Study

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A) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Personal Research work My key research area was to find out the sustainability practices being followed by Lemon tree hotels, and suggest incremental changes based on industry norms keeping in mind the financial, operational, technological and people aspects. After identification of the incremental changes, the next step was the implementation plan which should’ve been in line with the Change management practice adopted. I also researched about various change management systems being adopted by various hotels across the country and worldwide. After conducting due research, we came up with a change management which would be internalised to avoid costs and better efficiency. More points regarding the change management…show more content…
The chain currently owns/operates 27 hotels in 16 cities aggregating 3000 rooms with 3500 direct employees. This speedy growth has currently made the group the 3rd largest by owned rooms with large venture capital participation from the US based PE…show more content…
Current scenario • Use of CNG instead of LPG: leads to reduction of pollution, Recycled Wood/Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF): saves trees • Solar Panel for hot water: alternative, renewable energy. Wind power: alternative, renewable energy. Being implemented in a phased manner at hotels in Chennai followed by Aurangabad and Pune. • Auto Time Management (for lighting, air-conditioning and ventilation fans) through timers and motion sensors: helps conserve energy The above points prove that the hotel is already implementing a lot of energy efficient practices. But since we have adopted the INCREMENTAL approach, we had suggested the below points: • Use low-energy lighting. Replace tungsten GLS lamps and T12 fluorescent tubes with much more energy efficient items such as T5 tubes or compact fluorescent or LED lamps. These could help to reduce the electricity you consume for lighting by up to 80%. • Implement a building management system (BEMS). These systems control and monitor heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and can reduce total energy costs by 10% or

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